Sing to the Lord
a new song;
sing to the Lord,
all the earth.

PSALM 96:1 (NIV)

Welcome to Psalm 96:1!

Praise him with the strings

This site is about worshipping the Living God through songs. Let us use the talents that He has bestowed upon us to praise Him, and only Him.

Music is a wonderful gift from God. Can you imagine this world without music? The physics and the mathematics behind music is simply amazing. Just listening to a few notes will drive our hearts to praise Him.

This site is for worship leaders, specifically guitarists, both budding and skilled, to aid them in accompanying their worship team. They can easily navigate to a particular song. Not only that, the chords of the songs are transposable at the click of a button. No need to fumble around. The songs are mostly in Malayalam, with a few in Hindi and English. New songs are added every week, or as and when a good song turns up.

Request for a song can be made using the get in touch page.

Guitar chords are provided for all the songs. You can transpose the chords at the click of a button to suit your requirement.

The songs listed here are used by the worship team of Adoor Vineyard Church. Subscribe to Adoor Vineyard Youtube Channel.

Please feel free to give your comments and suggestions.

God bless.

New Songs added

Nalloru Desham
Ellam Nanmakkayi
Tere Naam Ke Liye Jiye Hum
Shalem Rajan Varunnoru
Mango To Tumhe Diya Jayega
Yahowa Nissi, Yahowa Nissi
Yahowah Charwaha Mera
Israyelin Naadhanaayi
Thirunama Keerthanam Paaduvaan Allenkil
Gehre Pyar Se

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