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The Bible

Divinely inspired

The Bible is not an ordinary book. Its writing has taken almost 1500 years, or some forty generations. Its authors include shepherds, farmers, tent-makers, physicians, fishermen, priests, philosophers and kings. But despite this long time span and this wide range of occupations of its authors, the whole Bible follows a common theme. This could not have been possible solely by human efforts. All the authors were inspired by the Holy Spirit.

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The King James Version is a translation named after King James I of England, who first commissioned the new English Bible translation in 1604 A.D. and later completed in 1611 A.D. King James 'authorized' the new translation to be read in churches in England and beyond. Later known as the 'Authorized Version' in 1814, the King James Version became a standard among English-speaking Christians.

The King James Version is considered one of the most accurate English translations in existance today. A skilled committee of 54 translators worked for 7 years to carefully complete the King James translation.

The translation is most noted for its poetic feel - prose that seems to flow with a certain rhythmic quality. The book is often cited as the most published book in world history with a significant influence on literature and culture in the last few centuries. It is estimated that more than 1 billion copies of the King James Version have been published.

NOTE: The King James Bible Microsoft Access database is provided by Project Gutenburg and is downloaded from HTMLBible. The database is in the Public Domain (No Copyright) and can be used to produce your own Bible software. They have been created from public domain electronic texts, and have been checked for accuracy.
The Hindi and Malayalam Bibles databases are provided by The Bible Society of India and are in the Public Domain.
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