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Why I believe in the Bible

The Bible has been studied and examined - quite critically, too - for hundreds of years. Though huge contradictions have been pointed out from time to time, none of them have held water.

I want to state the reasons why I believe in the Bible. Before that I want to tell you that I did not always have faith in this Book. I never went to sunday school when I was a kid. I grew up among children whose parents followed different faiths. At that time Jesus was just another god to me. I've been to places of worship of various faiths and I've worshipped there believing that that was the right thing to do. But at the back of my mind I had always felt that I should read the Bible. I bought a couple of versions and started to read them, but I could not understand. I read the story of Jesus and wondered whether to think of Him as a real person or a fictitious one. But, though I did not believe that the Bible was the word of God, I was always certain that a Creator existed and that He was taking care of me. And I was always wondering who God was. Did He have a personality? Or was He just an energy? I'd heard people say that God is love, so I had this silly idea that He was an entity like the mist, or the air, covering the earth like a blanket.

I started studying the Bible seriously after a Jehovah's Witnesses couple visited our home. No, seriously. After a few meetings, I was convinced that the God of the Bible was the true God and that Jesus was his real son (Like I am a son of my father). And I found myself wondering why when a real God, the Creator of everything, existed, everybody needed a Jesus? What was His role? Why was everyone giving so much importance to Him? I mean, if I wanted anything I could ask it directly to the real God. Why did I need a mediator? God knew that I existed and He has always taken care of me. So this is what lead me to open the Bible and study it like I'd never done before. I wanted to know who Jesus was and what His role was in the whole business of Christianity.

Reading the above paragraph you can understand how much full of self-importance I was. I was expecting God to wait on me!

As I read the Bible and books about the Bible I began to understand a couple of things that I'd never known or realised before.

  • That the Bible was written, not by one single person or two co-authors, but by forty different people separated by decades and centuries and thousands of miles. Yet it follows a single theme throughout. Is that humanly possible? I mean, even in this age of wonders in communication technology, is it possible for a bunch people to get together, though being separated by time and space, and write a book like the Bible.
  • The evolutionary theory upon which I swore since childhood is not true. If it were true, man's physical appearance would not have been as it is now. It would have been like something cooked up in science fiction movies. Four hands, six eyes and wings and all.
  • I was always wondering about the role of Jesus? Well, the Jehovah's Witnesses couple failed to convert me (Thank God, I studied the Bible). The Bible is about Jesus. Jesus is the sole reason why this Book was written. Even though He makes his appearance only in the four Gospels, you can see Him coming from Genesis through Malachi. And, though it was a combined effort of so many human authors, the Bible has one main co-author. It is the true God. God intended this Book to be written. God intended this Book to survive the test of time. And God intends this Book to be read by you and me.
  • I am a sinner. As I read the Bible, all my self-importance was gone. I began to understand about God's great patience and mercy he shows upon me every moment. I began to thank Him for giving me the Bible. I began to understand the role of Jesus. Why did I need Jesus? Because God is too, too - way too - holy for me, for whom sinning has become like second nature. I could try all I want, exert all I want, bear all the pain I could possibly bear, yet I would never be good enough for the Father. But why should I worry? The loving Father has taken upon himself to bring me closer to Him. It has been a mision for Him since the beginning of time. So, finally, I realised how much I needed Jesus. whom Father sent to fulfill His "mission".

Next let me pen down the points why I believe the Bible is true and not a work of fiction.

  • The picture the Bible presents of mankind is not a rosy picture, it's the warts and all kind. Not one author goes out of line in this matter. People usually write journals and diaries to put themselves in a better light. But here as you read various accounts, you will wonder why did the author put it down in writing at all.
  • Sometimes things mentioned in the Bible are so sundry that you realise that it had to be true life the author was writing about.
  • Around 40 authors ranging from fishermen to kings and living in places lying in three continents, and about 1600 years taken for its writing, do you think the Book would have been possible at all without the aid of a higher agency.
  • The people mentioned in the Bible are real historical people. This is supported by various documents and archealogical evidences. You can take a look at this.
  • Among the ancient writings, the Bible is the only book having an overwhelming evidence of manuscripts. The New Testament alone has more than 5000 manuscripts to bear witness.
  • The Bible has been studied and examined - quite critically, too - for hundreds of years. Though huge contradictions have been pointed out from time to time, none of them have held water. Several people have based their criticism on the "differences" in the accounts of the four Gospels. But, to me, these so called differences themselves validate their authentcity, as it proves that they were written by four different individuals giving their own personal account of the Most Important Incident in history, and not just copying the accounts among themselves or from somewhere else.
  • Although the Bible is not a scientific document, non of the things mentioned therein contradict the present scientific theories. For instance, the Book of Job says that "the earth hangs over nothing" (Job 26:7). It is a simple thing for us to say, but this was written in 1500 BC. I mean, the Bible could easily have said that the earth is hoisted upon the arms of a god or balanced upon the back of a tortoise. For more scientific proof in the Bible check out this page.
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