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Pulkudilil Kalthottiyil

G          D        G
Pulkudilil kalthottiyil
C                 D
Mariathin pon makanai
G          Am      D
Pandorunal daiva suthan
C           D      G
Pirannathin orma dinam...(2)

G    D              C
Poru mannile edayan mare
      C                Bm
Paadu vinnile malaghakaley
C                   D         
Padum Thamburuvum Kinnaravum

G           Em               D             
Melshyarum..kasperum..balthsarum vazhthum
G            C       D
Mishiha piranna dina 

Poru mannile...

Bhoomiyil daivamakkal nedum samadhanam
Unnathiyil ath-yunnathiyil...
daivathinu maha-thvam

Poru mannile...

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About Psalm 96:1

Psalm 96:1 endeavours to make singing a new song to the Lord a joyful experience. The guitar chords are easy and fairly accurate and, best of all, transposable. So go ahead and make a pleasant noise.

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