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Shudhikai Nee Yeshu Samipay

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
Shudhikai nee yeshu samipay poyo
Kullicho kunjattin rakthathil
      F                          Bb
Purnnashrayam ee nimisham than kripa
      F                C7        F
thanilvacho shudhi aayo nee
      F              Bb
Kullicho kunjattin
      F                         C7
Athmashudhi nalkum rakthathil
     F                        Bb
Himampol nishkallamkamo nin anki
     F              C7         F
Kullicho kunjattin rakthathil

Anudinam rakshakan pakshatho nee
Shudhiyai nadanidunadho
Kroosheriya karthanil ninakundo
Vishramam nazhika thorumay
Kullicho kunjattin...

Karthan varavil nin anki shudhamo
Ettavum venmayai kaannumo
Swarpurathil vaasam chaididaan yogya-
Paathram aayi thirumo annallil
Kullicho kunjattin...

Paapakara etta anki nee neeki
Kunjattin rakthathil kullikya
Jeevaneer ozhukunna ashudharkai
Kullichu shudhiyaiduka
kunjattil rakthathin...

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