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Vandanam Yeshu Para Ninakkennum

Music: Unknown | Lyrics: Unknown
D        Gmaj7   D
Vandanam yeshu para
  F#        Em       G      D  D7 
Ninakkennum vandanam yeshupara 
Bm       G             
Vandanam cheyunnu
 Em     A         F#m       Em   D    
Ninnadiyaar thirunaamathinnadaravaai
Innu nin sannidhiyil 
Adiyaarkku vannucheruvathinaai
Thanna ninnunnathamaam 
Krupaikkabi vandanam cheithidunnu 

Nin rudhiramathinaal 
Prathtishdicha jeeva puthuvazhiyaai 
Ninnadiyaarkku pithaavin 
Sannidhou vannidaame sathatham 

Ithra mahathvamulla 
Padhaviye ee puzhukkalkarullan 
Ninte krupa yethra vichithramaho 

Vaana dootha ganangal 
Manohara gaanangallal sathatham 
Oonamenyae pukazhthi 
Sthuthikkunna vaanavane ninakku 

Mannaril mannavan nee 
Manukoolathinu rakshakaran nee  
Minnum prabhavam ullon 
Pithavinu sannibhan nee allayo 

Neeyozhike njangalkku 
Suraloke aarullu jeevanadha 
Nee ozhike ihathil 
Mattarum ill agrahippaan parane

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