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Vazhthi Sthuthikumennum Njan

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
C                        Em
Vazhthi sthuthikumennum njan
     F               G         C
Ente thazchail ortha iesane

C                      G               F
Varnnichidan enikente navu poraye
                        G     C
Enni theerthidamo avan cheithathu
F(Dm)          G
Aairamai sthuthichidunne
Dm        G            C
Aananna hasthangale uyarthi

Papa sapa rogam ayathente bheethiyal
Nasa garthathil pathikum nerathil
Sneha hastham neettiyenne
Nin thiru rajyathil akkiyallo

Chettilallayo kidannathorthu nokiyal
Nattamallayo vamichathen jeevitham
Mattiyallo en jeevithathe
Mattamillatha ninte krupayal

Papikale thedivanna yeshu rekshakan
Papamilla sutharkaitha varunne
Varavin dhinam athisamepam
Varavin prethyasayal niranjidame

Allal thingum jeevithathil najan vasichappol
Vallabha nin snehamennil uttiyallo
Jaya geetham paadiduvan nin jayam
Nee enikekiyallo

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