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Aradhikkunnu Njangal Aradhikkunnu

Dm C Aradhikkunnu Njangal Aradhikkunnu Bb C Dm Aalmanathan yesuvine aaradhickunne Aaradhickunnu njangal aaradhickunne Aalmavilum sathyathilum aaradhickunne Hallelujah hallelujah geetham padidam Hallelujah geetham padi aaradhichidam Innu njangal visvasathal aaradhikunnu Annu nathan mukham-kandu aaradhichidum Bendnam azhiyum kettukal azhiyum aaradhanayinkal Kottakal thakarum badakal ozhiyum aaradhanayinkal Rogam marum ksheenam marum aradhanayinkal Mankudam udayum thee katheedum aradhanayinkal

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