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Cm G/B Christ the Saviour, Born in a manger Bb F came to give us life and hope, Cm G# We His children sing with gladness Fm G The gift from heaven to men on earth Cm G/B As we gather and remember Bb F The King the Saviour the risen Lord Cm G# Our hearts are filled with joy and laughter Fm G For Christ we sing and make a joyful noise Cm G/B Rejoice, Rejoice Bb F For Christ was born on Christmas Day Cm G/B Rejoice, Rejoice Bb F We have a reason to Celebrate Cm Rejoice G# Bb Gm Fm All the Nations sing Holy is the Lord G# Bb Fm G# All the nations claim Hallelujah, Hallelujah Fm Gm Fm All the Angels sing Hallelujah, Bb G Hallelujah We're going to see the King

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