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Bhaktharin Shashwatha Visramame

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
C                      G
Bhaktharin shashwatha visramame
C                      G             C
Ninnil njan nithyavum visramikkum
C        Am           F                   C
Adhwanikkunnorkkum bharam chumapporkkum
                  G                C
Aaswasam eakikkondanandham nalkunna

Parvatham maarilum kunnukalum
Thal sthanathu ninnu neengiyalum
Neengukilla dhaya ennil ninnottume
Divya samadhanam thannennum sookshikkum

Agniyil koode nadannidilum
Agni jwala enne theendukilla
Olangal enmel kavinjidum nerathum
Veezhathe thazhathe sookshikkum neeyenne

Kashtatha pattini nagnathayo
Aapatho vaalo vannidukilum
Bheethiyilla thellum neeyente sanketham
Ninnil njan nithyamam visramam kandethy

Enne thanne marannen priyane
Ninnude pinnale njan varunne
En priya ninnude premamathorkumbol
Onnumenikkini lokathil vendaye

Lokam athinanthyathethidunne
Loka gathikalum maridunne
Kanthayakaum sabha kankaluyarthy nin
Aagamanm kaathinnavalay nilkkunne

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