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You Are The Potter

D __________C G__D __ C G
Create in me a new heart.__Renew my spirit, I pray.
D __C C/G __A____A7
Fill me with the holy light that comes from you alone !
D C____ G__D __ C G
I was once in darkness, but You made a way.
D C C/G __A A7
You opened wide Your loving arms, and called me as Your own !

C__ G/B ____D C ____G/B ____D
You are the potter.__Take me Lord and mold me, Iím Your clay !
C____G D C ____ G D
Lord I surrender !__I give You all I am, Lord have Your way !

D __C __ G__D __ C G
I have come to see You, just to pour out my heart.
D __        C C/G __A A7
Just to hear Your voice, oh Lord, and look into Your eyes.
D __C__G__D __ C G
Lord I am Your child; hear me call out Your name !
D __        __ C __C/G________ A A7
You have turned Your ear to me, and now to You I cry:

C __ Em/B C Em/B
Bridge: Jesus, Lord of all, I come to praise You !
C Em/B D
Your mighty works proclaim Your holy name !
C __ Em/B C __Em/B
Jesus, risen one, I come to worship !
__C G D
Youíre always and forevermore the same ! 

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