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Nanma Maathrame Nanma Maathrame

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
      E                      A
Nanma maathrame nanma maathrame
       G#m             B       E
Nanma allathonnume nee cheykayilla
Enthu bhavichennalum enthu sahichennalum
Ellam Yeshuve nanmakkayallo

    E             A
Nee maathrame Nee maathrame
    B            E
Nee maathrame en aathmasakhee
     E    G#m     A    F#m
Ente Yeshuve ente jeevane
     B    G#m         B      E
Ente Aashaye nee onnu maathrame

Ninne snehikkum ninte daasanu
Nanmayallathonnume nee cheytheedumo
Enne percholli vilicheeduvan
krupa thonni ennathinal  njan bhagyavan

Parishodhanakal manovedanakal
Bhayamerum vidham ennil vanneedumbol
Thari polum kuravilla sneham ennil chorinjeedum
Nadhan pokku vazhiyum tharum

Dosham maathrame ee lokam tharoo
Doshamayittonnum Priyan cheykayilla
Ente Yeshuve ente Pranane
Nanma cheyvan enikku nee krupa nalkuke

Ente shodhanakal ente vedanakal
Ente sankadangal ellam neengidume
Ente Kanthane ente Nadhane
En Manalane vegam vanneedane

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