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Parama Pithavinu Sthuthy Paadam

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
C      Em        F          G
Parama pithavinu sthuthy paadam
C                F      C
Avanallo jeevane nalkiyavan
C         G      Dm         G
Paapangal aakave kshmichidunnu
C                  F       G
Rogangal akhilavum neekkidunnu

Ammaye polenne omanichu
Apakada velayil paalichavan
Aahara paaneeyam eakiyavan
Nithyamam jeevane nalkidunnu

Idayane polenne thedy vannu
Paapakkuzhiyil ninnettiyavan
Swanthamakki namme theerthiduvan
Swantha raktham namukkekiyavan

Koodukalekkoode koodilakky
Parakkuvanay namme sheelippichu
Chirakukal athineml vahichu namme
Nilam parichayi naam nashichidathe

Sthothram cheyyam hrudhayamgamay
Kumbidam avan munpil aadhravay
Hallelujah paadam modhamode
Avanallo nammude rakshakaran

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