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Kunjattin Thiru Rekthathal

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
   E            C#m            
Kunjattin thiru rekthathal 
     A     B       E
Njan shudhanai thernnu 
     E               C#m            
Than chankile shutha rekthathal 
     A     B   E
njan jayam padidum
      E                    A
Mahathwam rekshaka sthuthi ninakennum 
   B                 E
Chettil ninnenne nee veendeduthathinal 
       E              A           E
Sthuthikum ninne njan aayusin nalellam 
   B             E
Nandiyodadi vanangum

Aarppodu ninne ghoshikum ie seyon yathrayil 
Mumpottu thanne odunnu en viruthinai 
Labhikum nichayam en viruthenikku 
Shathrukal arume kondupokayilla
Prapikum annu njan rajan kaiyil ninnu 
Dhoothan marude madhyathil

En bhagya kalam orkumpol ennullam thullunnu 
Ee loka sukham thalli njan aa bhagyam kandappol 
Nithyamam rajyathil annu njan padidum 
Rajan mugam kandu ennum njan ghoshikum 
Rekthathin phalamay vazhume sworgathil
Kodi kodi yugangalay

Manoharamam seyonil njan vegam chernnidum 
En kleshamake neengi poi avide ethumpol 
Nithyamam santhosham prapikum annu njan 
En sathruvinathu eduppan padilla 
Aanandam kudidum sanandam padidum 
Shri yesu rajan mumpake

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