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Angekaal Vere Onnineyum

E F#m G#m A Anthyam vareyum chirakin maravil F#m B E Enne karuthum Guruve E F#m G#m A Ksheenithan aakumbol tholathil vahichu F#m B E Laalichu nadathum appane E B Angekaal vere onnineyum A B snehikilla njan yeshuve E Nee enikkai cheythathum C#m Nee enikkai cheythathum A Nee enikkai cheythathum B7 Nee enikkai cheythathum E Oru Kannum athu kandittilla C#m Kaathugalum athu ketathilla D A B Bsus B Hridayatthil thoniyathilla E B Hallelujah...Hallelujah... A B Hallelujah...Hallelujah... E Aadyanum andhyanum Aayone C#m Jeevan Uravidamayone F#m Njano Nityam jeevippan B E Swayam Yagamayone
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