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Enthu Nallor Sakhi Yeshu

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
E                  A
Enthu nallor sakhi yeshu
E                 B
Paapa dhukham vahikkum
E               A
Ellam Yeshuvodu chennu
E     B              E
Chollidumbol than kelkkum
B7            E
Nombaramere sahichu
A   E     F#m     Bsus  B
samadhanangal nashtam
E               A
Ellam Yeshuvodu chennu
E     B         E
Chollidayka nimitham

Kashtam shodhanakal undo
Ivvidha dhukhangalum
Leshavum adhairyam venda
Chollam Yeshuvodellam
Dhukham sarvam vahikkunna
Mithram mattarumundo
Ksheenamellam ariyunna
Yeshuvodu chollidam

Undo bharam belaheenam
Thumbangalum samghyam
Rekshakam allayo sanketham
Mithrangal nindikkunnundo
Poy cholleshuvodellam
Ullam kayyil eeshan kaakkum

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