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Porkalathil Nam Poruthuka Dheerarai

E               A         E
Porkalathil nam poruthuka dheerarai
        B         E
Yesuvin namamathendi
E                  A
Poyidam suvisesham othidam nadengum
B                       E
Ananda sandhosha'mundoduvil

Ayirangal pathina'yirangalitha
Papathinazhathil veenu
Kayaruvan karakanathuzhalunna neram
Nedidam sneha'kodiyal

Kanniril vithachidil aarppodu koiyyum
Poydamavan thiru'mumpil
Vangam prethibhalam chudam kiridangal
Padidam sthothra sangeetham

Kashtangal vannalum klesam sahikilum
Odum nin patha thedi
Kurishile sneham orthidum'neram
Vende'enikee loka'sawkhyam

Aikayamai ninnu nam vela cheithedukil
Idichidam payin kotta
Jayameduthidam jayaveeran varuvan

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