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Daivam Karuthum Vazhikale Orthal

Fm Eb Daivam karuthum vazhikale orthal Bbm Ab Daivam orukkum nanmakal orthal Db Eb Fm Nandhiyode paadidum njan Db Eb Fm Innumennum pukazhthidum njan Fm Eb Aathma rekshaye nalkiyathorthal Fm Mruthyu shikshaye maattiyathorthal Db Eb Fm Sathya sakshiyaayidum njan Db Eb Fm Sathya paatha kaattidum njan Aathma shakthiye nalkiyathorthal Khora shathruve thakarthathum orthal Shakthiyode paadidum njan Modhamode aarthidum njan Aathma santhosham eakiyathorthal Alavatta than kaarunyam orthal Nruthathode paadidum njan Ella naalum khoshikkum njan

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This song was updated on 10/03/2018.
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