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Yahova Daivamaam Vishudha

C F C Yahova daivamaam vishudha jaathi naam G C Avanavakaasamaam jenam naam C G Am Paradesikal naam bhaagya saalikal G F C Ithupoloru jaathiyundo Yahova daivamaam vishudha... C G Am Apaptthil naammude divya sankethavum G F C Belavum daiva-moruvanathre C F C Aakayaal paaridam aakeyilakilum G C Naamini bhayappedukayilla Yahova daivamaam vishudha... Avanee-thalatthil apamaanam namu- Kkavakaasa-mennor-thidenam Avanaay kashtatha elkkukil thejassil Anantha yugam vanidum naam Yahova daivamaam vishudha... Nira nira nirayaay aninira-nneeduvin Kurisin padayaalikale Jya-jya-jaya kaahalam ootheeduvin Jeyaveeranaam yesuvine

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About Psalm 96:1

Psalm 96:1 endeavours to make singing a new song to the Lord a joyful experience. The guitar chords are easy and fairly accurate and, best of all, transposable. So go ahead and make a pleasant noise.

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