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Paathalame Maraname

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
D                Bm                 A
Paathalame maraname ninnude jayamevide
Kunjattin ninam kotta than bhaktharkku
Samharakan kadannu poy

D        G     A        D
Jayathin khosham ullasa khosham
Bm                     G           A
Bhaktharin koodarathil ennum puthu geetham
D        G                D
Mahathwa raajanay senayin veeranay
             A         D
Abhayan than avarkkennume

Bheekaramam chenkadalum misrayeem sainya nirayum
Bheeshaniyay munpum pinpum bheethyppeduthidumbol

Jayathin khosham ullasa khosham...

Shaktharaya raajakkalam seehonum ogum vannal
Shanka venda bheethy venda shakthan nin naayakan than

Jayathin khosham ullasa khosham...

Agni ninne dhahippikkilla nadhi ninmel kaviyukilla
Agni athil naalaman than aazhimel nada mondon than

Jayathin khosham ullasa khosham...

Koorirul paathayil nee ndanannal velichamay avan ninakku
Koottinu varum than kolum vadiyum koodennum aaswasamay

Jayathin khosham ullasa khosham...

Bhoomiyum paniyum azhinju pokum nilanilkkum than vachanam
Maranam maarum naam vaazhum jeevanil than koode yugayugamay

Jayathin khosham ullasa khosham...

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