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Kandalum Kalvariyil

E        A
Kandalum kalvariyil
F#m      E            B        E
Kurishil shirassathum chanju paran
B              E      C#m
Kandiduka priyane ninakkay
B        E      B     E
Thoongidunnu monnanikalil

E         G#m     A
Shirassil mulmudi aninjavanay
          F#m       B          E
Hrudhayam nindhayal thakarnnavanay
B                E        C#m
Vedanayal eattam valanjavanay
     B       E         B         E
Than jeevane vediyunu swayam ninakky

Ulaka sthapanam muthal arukkappetta
Kalankamilla Daiva kunjaditha
Lokathin paapangal chumannu kondu
Vaaninum bhoovinum madhye thoongidunnu

samrudhiyay jeeva jalam tharuvan
Paneeya yaagamay theernnavanu
Kaippuneer dhahathinekidave
Ninakky avanayathum paanam cheythu

Than thirumeni thakarnnathinal
Thanka ninam chinthyathinal
Nin vilayallo nalkiyavan
Ninne swargeeya sampoornan aakkiduvam

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