Kurisheduthen Yeshuvine
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F        Bb   F      C
Kurisheduthen yeshuvine
Anugemikum njan andhiyam vare

Bharangal neridumpol
Bb                 F
Karangalal thangidunnu
Bb                    F
Maranathin thazhvarayathilumenne
G         C        F
Piriyatha mathurya nalla sakhi than

Kurisheduthen yeshuvine...

Avan enne arinjidunnu
Avaniyil karuthidunnu
Aavasiya bharangal ananjidumpol
Avalambamai enikavan mathramam

Kurisheduthen yeshuvine...

Maridum manujarellam
Marannidum snehitharum
Mattamillathavan en manuvel
Mahimayil vazhunnu innum enikai

Kurisheduthen yeshuvine...

Theeranam parilen nal
Thiru pada sevayathal
Cherum njan oduvilen priyan arikil
Arumayodavan enne marodanakum

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