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Sarva Shakthan Aanallo

Dm C Am Dm Sarva shakthan aanallo ente Daivam Dm C Am Dm illilla asadhyamay onnumilla Dm C Am Akhilandathe nirmichavan Dm Bb Dm En pithavallo enthanandham Dm C Bb Dm Rapha Yahova enne saukhyamakkum Dm C Bb Dm Shamma Yahova engum avanundu Dm F Gm Ee Daivam ente Daivam F C Dm En pithavallo enthanandham Sarva shakthan aanallo... Shalom Yahova ente samadhanam Nissy Yahova ente jayakkodiyam Ee Daivam ente Daivam En pithavallo enthanandham

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