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Koodundu Priyan En Chaarave

Lyrics/Music: Binoy Kottarakkara
E                  B
Koodundu priyan en chaarave
F#m               G#m
Chaaridum njaanaa maarvathil
C#                F#m
Kelkunnu nathan impaswaram
B            E
Munpottu poyidaam (2)

Kaakkayaal ahharam thanneedum
Shresdamaai enne nadatheedum
Vishvasathanenne vilichathaal
Nadathum andhyam vare (2)

Ekannay theerneedum nerathil
Shodhana eeridum velayil
Illa thellum niraashakal
En priyan koodullathaal (2)

Paadum njaan aayussil naalellaam
Veendedutha en priyane
Shtothram njan cheytheedum saanadham
Aa nal shandhoshathe (2)

Kaanunnu njaan van sanyathe
Shobhapoornaraam sangathe
Vishudhanmaarude koottathe
Nithya santhoshathil (2)

Aakula chinthakal vendini
Aashwasa kalamathundallo
Aathemaavinaal nadannidaam
Krishthu vishvaasiye (2)

E      B     F#m    G#m
Hallelujah.. Hallelujah
C#     F#m B  E
Hallelujah.. Amen (2)

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