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Thathante Marvalle

F Gm Bb Thathante marvalle choodenikku Gm C F Thathante kayyalle thanalenikku Dm C# C Kothiyerunne arikil varan C Bb F Thiru paadathil kidanniduvan F Bb Gm F Aaradhana aaradhana F C C7 F Aaradhana aaradhana (2) F Dm Gm F Thulyam chollan aarmille ange pole Yeshuve Bb Dm Gm C F Jeevane swanthame ange maarvil charunnu njan Ange pole snehichidan aavathilla arkkume Snehame premame ange marvil charunnu njan

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This song was updated on 27/10/2018.
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