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Karthaave Devanmaaril

C Am C G Karthaave devanmaaril ninakku-thulyanaayar Dm G F G C Svargathilum bhoomiyilum ninakku-thulyanaayar C F G C Yeshuve-polaarumilla Yeshuve-polaarumilla F Em Dm C svargathilum bhoomiyilum ninakku-thulyanaayar C F D G Doothanmaarin bhojanathaal nee janathe poshippichu D C G C Angeppole aarumilla janathe snehichidaan Yeshuve-polaarumilla... Karthaave devanmaaril... Paapathin karakal pokkaan pavanaraktham chinthi Angeppole aarumilla yagamay theernnavane Yeshuve-polaarumilla... Karthaave devanmaaril... Maranathin pashangal azhichu pathalagopuram thakarthu Angeppole aarumilla uyarthezhunnettavane Yeshuve-polaarumilla... Karthaave devanmaaril...

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