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En Priya Rakshakan Neethiyin Suryanai

E                         G#m
En Priya Rakshakan Neethiyin Suryanai
B                           E
Thejasil velippedume
B                   C#m
Thamasamenniye meghathil varum than
E           A                F#m             B
Kanthaya’menneyum cherthidum nishchayamaai

Yerusalemin theruvilude krusu maram chumannu
Kalvariyil nadannu poyavan
Shobhitha pattanathil muthukalalullah
Veedonnu theerthittu vegathil varumavan

Ananda purathile vaasam njanorkumbol
Ihathile khashtam saramo
Prathyasa ganangal paadi njaan nithyavum
Swargeeya santhosha’mihathilundinnalekkaal

Neethisuryan varumbol
Than prabhayin kanthiyal
Ennirul niram maridume
Rajaraja prathimhaye dharippichittenne than
Kudave iruthunna rajaavu vegam varum

Santhaapam theerthittu anthamilla yugam
Kanthanumai vazhuvaan
Ullam kothickunne padhangal pongunne
Enningu vannenne cherthidum premakanthan

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