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Pilarnnoru Paaraye

Pilarnnoru paaraye
       F#m         A
Ninnil njaan marayatte
     E             A
Thuranna nin changile
        B      E    A
Raktham neeren paapathe
Neekki sukham nalkatte
       C#m   E    A
Muttum rakshikka enne

Thikavai kalpanaye
kappan aalalla ee njan
Vairagyam eriyaalum
Kannuneer chorinjaalum
Vanneeda paapa nasam
Nee thaan rakshikka venam

Verum kaiyai njaan-angu
Krushil maathram nambunnu
Nagnan njaan nin vasthram thaa
Heenan njaan nin krupa thaa
Mlechanai varunnitha
Swachanaakku rakshaka

Vitten kan mangum neram
Anjatha lokam chernnu
Ninne njaan kaanu-nna-nnu
Pilarnnoru paraye
Ninnil njaan marayatte

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