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En Priyaneppol Sundharanaay

G               Em            Am                     G
En priyaneppol sundharanaay aareyum njaan ulakil
G           Em                   Am            G
Kannunilla melaalum njaann kaanukayilla

G                     C                   G
Sundaranaam manohara Ninneppirinji lokayaathra
G               Em           D             G
Praakrutharaam jaaranmaare Varikkumo valsala
G            Em              D                  G
Manneprethi maanikyam Vediyukilla njaan

Sarvaanga sundaranthanne enne veendeduthavan
Sarvasukha saukaryangal Arppikkunne njaan

Yerusalem puthrimaaren chuttum ninnu raappakal
Priyanodullanuraagam kavaarnneedukil

Lokhasukha saukaryangal aakunna prathaapangal
Modiyodukoode enne maadivilichhaal

Vellathil kumilapole minni vilangeedunna
Jedeeka sukhagalenne ethirelkkukil

Premamennil varddhikkunne priyanodu cheruvaan
Naalukal njaanennyenny jeevicheedunne

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About Psalm 96:1

Psalm 96:1 endeavours to make singing a new song to the Lord a joyful experience. The guitar chords are easy and fairly accurate and, best of all, transposable. So go ahead and make a pleasant noise.

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