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Veendedukappetta koottame

F                      Dm
Veendedukappetta koottame
Vegamunarnnu rekshakante vela cheyuveen
Bb                     F           Bb     
Anthyakalam vannaduthe pentacostin jwalayane
Bb                     F           Dm     
Anthyakalam vannaduthe pentacostin jwalayane
C           F             C              F
Chandhamode seva cheithal swontha nattil poidame

Abraham issahak yakobe enna visuthar
Ethranalai parthalm vittu
Kathu kathu ninnidunna sodara nee orthiduka
Purthiyai nin vela theerthu
Parthalam vedinju pokam

Veendedukappetta koottame
Vegamunarnnu rekshakante vela cheyuveen

Unnatha viliku yogyare vilichavante
Sanninthiyil ninnu maralle
Mannidathil ninne orthu unnatham vedinju vanna
Nannanante vannya paadham
Ennum onnai vannichidam

Veendedukappetta koottame
Vegamunarnnu rekshakante vela cheyuveen

Ee loka rajyam asthamikarai
Aa loka rajyam vegamitha aagamikarai
Papamilla parisuthan paridathil vannu thante
Pavanamai jeevikunna paavanare cherthidume

Veendedukappetta koottame
Vegamunarnnu rekshakante vela cheyuveen

Alppakalam mathrameyullu nam
Ethravegam krithyamai vela theerthidam
ethranal labhichidumo athranalum rekshakante
puthrathwathin almavale
shakthiyai than vela therkam

Veendedukappetta koottame
vegamunarnnu rekshakante vela cheyuveen

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