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Yeshu en adisthanam

Music: Unknown | Lyrics: Unknown
F               Am  Gm             F
Yeshu en adisthanam aasha avanilathre
                  Gm  D#
Aaswasathin poornatha 
F        C        F
Yeshuvin kande najnum

Ethra madhuramavan naamamenikku parthal
Orthu varum thorumen aarthy manju pokumne

Rogamenne pidichen dheham kshayichalume
Vegam varum en nadhan dheham puthuthakkidan

Paapathal ennil vanna shapakkarakal neekky
Shobhitha neethy vasthram aabharanamay nalkum

Lokamenikku vairy lokamenne thyajichal
Shokam enthenikkathil eathum bhayappeda njan

Vekkam than manavatty aakkidum enne annu
Vaakkundenikku thante neekkamillathinottum

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