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Neeyallo njangalkkulla

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
E                      A            E
Neeyallo njangalkkulla divya sambatheshuve
E                                   B7
Neeyallaathilla bhuvil aagrahippaan aarume

Neeyallo njangalkkaayi mannidathil vannathum
Neecharaam njangalude paapamellaam ettathum-
Kaalvary mala mukaleri nee njangalkkaay
Kaalkaram chernnu thoongi marichuyirekiya
Annannu njangalkkullath ellaam thannu pottunnon
Innum ennum koodeyundennulla vaakku thannavan
Shathruvinn-agniyasthram shakthiyod-ethirkkunna
Maathrayil jayam thannu kaathu sookshichidunna
Janakanude valamamarnnu nee njangalkkaay
Dinamprathi pakshavaadam cheythu jeevichidunna
Lokathil njangalkkullath ellaam nashtamaakilum
Lokakkaar nithyam dushichidilum ponneshuve
Nithya jeeva mozhikal ninnilundu parane
Ninne vittadiyangal engupoyi vasikkum-

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