Kannuneer Thazhvarayil
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Em                 G
Kannuneer thazhvarayil
Em                  A
Njanettam valanjidumpol
Em                 A  D
Kannuneer vaarthavanen
G       D          Em
Kaaryam nadathi tharum

Em        G    Em  A
Nin manam ilakathe
Em        G      Am
Nin manam patharathe
Em             A  D
Ninnodu koode ennum
G        D         Em
Njanunde andhyam vare

Koorirul paathayatho
Krooramam sodhanayo
Koodidum neramathil
Kroosin nizhal ninakai

Theechoola simhakuzhi 
Pottakinar marubhoomi
Jayilara eerchavaalo 
Maranamo vannidatte

Dhahichu valanju njan
Bharathal valanjidumpol
Dhaham samippichavan
Dhahajelam tharume

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