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Yeshuvin Namathinu Aaradhana

Music: Unknown | Lyrics: Unknown
Am                F
Yesuvin namathinu aaradhana
G             E
Rajathi rajavinaradana
Am               F
Ella prashmsakum yogan neye
G                   E
Nalkunu njan nenake aaradanaa

Am        F
Hale hallelujah
Am        F
Hale hallelujah

Angeku thulanayi aarumile
Neeyalathe vere daivamile
Nin mumbil matrem njan vanagidunu
Neyaen daivam en pithave

Hale hallelujah...

Karunayin karathal ne thagunaven 
Puthuvazhi oruki ne karuthunaven
Dhukathin vellail kaividathaven
Vizhathe enenum thagidunaven

Hale hallelujah...

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