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Enikkente Aasreyam Yeshuvathre

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
C                  G      F
Enikkente Aasreyam Yeshuvathre
C                   G
Sarva shakthanam en Yeshu athre
C                  G          Am
Njan avan kaikalil surakshithanam
G              C
Yeshu mathiyayavan

C              G
Yeshu mathy aa sneham mathy
   F               C
Aa krushu mathiyenikku
C                G
Yeshu mathy than hitham mathy
       Am              C
Nithya jeevan mathiyenikku

Kakkaye ayachu aaharam tharum
Aavashyamellam nadathy tharum
Nashtangale labhamakky tharum
Yeshu mathiyayavan

Kshamathin naalukal theerthu tharum
Kada bharangale maatty tharum
Nindhayin naalukal theerthu tharum
Yeshu mathiyayavan

Aarogyam ulla shareeramtharum
Rogangale Daivam neekky tharum
Shanthamy uranguvan krupa thannidum
Yeshu mathiyayavan

Paazhchilavukale neekky tharum
Illaymakale maatty tharum
Varumana margangal thurannu tharum
Yeshu mathiyayavan

Enikkoru bhavanam panithu tharum
Hrudhayathin aagraham niravettidum
Puthiya vazhikale thurannu tharum
Yeshu mathiyayavan

Samadhanamulla kudumbam tharum
Kudumbathil eavarkkum rakhsa tharum
Nalla swabhavikalay theerthidum
Yeshu mathiyayavan

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