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This Is Our Greatest Joy (Hallelujah)

E This is our greatest joy A E To know that we are Yours We live to worship You A E The Lord Most High Maker of this world A E You formed us from the dust Our lives will honour You A E Our voices sing A E C#m A B Hallelujah, halle--lujah E A C#m B A E We cry, ha--llelujah (2) You left Your Father's home Into our world You came The innocent who bore Our guilt and shame When You gave Your life The victory was won With thankful hearts we sing This song of praise Hallelujah, hallelujah We cry, hallelujah (2) Your light of life has come Your Spirit makes us strong Great hope for all the world Through all You've done We will worship You We will exalt Your ways Into Your presence come With songs of praise Hallelujah, hallelujah We cry, hallelujah (2)

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