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This Is Our Greatest Joy (Hallelujah)

Lyrics/Music: Noel Richards
This is our greatest joy
             A      E
To know that we are Yours
We live to worship You
    A         E
The Lord Most High
Maker of this world
              A        E
You formed us from the dust
Our lives will honour You
    A      E
Our voices sing

A E           C#m  A B
Hallelujah, halle--lujah
E  A    C#m B  A E
We cry, ha--llelujah (2)

You left Your Father's home
Into our world You came
The innocent who bore
Our guilt and shame
When You gave Your life
The victory was won
With thankful hearts we sing
This song of praise

Hallelujah, hallelujah
We cry, hallelujah (2)

Your light of life has come
Your Spirit makes us strong
Great hope for all the world
Through all You've done
We will worship You
We will exalt Your ways
Into Your presence come
With songs of praise

Hallelujah, hallelujah
We cry, hallelujah (2)

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