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Nayaka En Krusheduthu

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
D               F#m
Nayaka en krusheduthu
    Bm            Em
Nin pinaale varum njan
D                  G
Nindyanayee thirnaalum
    D        A     D
Nin mahatwam ghoshikan

   Bm        A    Bm D
En karthaave njan pinchellum
        F#m        Bm    Em  A
Than raktham thaan chorinju
      Bm   A   Bm D
Lokam enne kai vittaalum
              A     D
Kripayal njan pinchellum

Swarkathille daivam thaan
Ente divya pankennekum
Njan maha sowbhagyavan

Nin prasadam en pramodam
Nin prakasham jeevanaam
Nee than ente ekalaakum
Nee ellattilum ellaam

Shatru ettam kruchichalum
Mitram nindichalum
Ninte mukha shobhamoolam
Kleshamilla orikkallum

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