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Paricha Dhukhathal Porattam

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
Bb                 Dm
Paricha dhukhathal porattam aakilum
Eb              Dm      Bb
Nerode jeevichu aruthal pedum njan

Bb            Eb         Bb
Theerum en dhukham vilapavum
                     F          Bb
Cherum njan swarge vegam Hallelujah

Kashtatha aakilum nashtangal vannalum
Ishtanmar vittalum thushtiyay jeevikkum

Koottu kudumbakkar thittamay vittidum
Koottu sahodarar bhreshtanay thallidum

Enthu manoharam hantha chinthikkukil
Santhosha dheshame ninnil njan chernnidum

Dhoorathay kaanunna sodhara koottathe
Yordhaninakkare swagatha sanghathe

Boattil njan kayaridum paattode yaathrakkay
Kottamillathulla veettil njan ethidum

Raajamudi choodi Rajadhi Raajane
Aaliganam cheyyum naalil enthanantham

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