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Enne Karuthunna Vidhangal

G                             Am
Enne karuthunna vidhangal orthal
        D                  G
Nandhiyalullam nirangeedunne
Enne nadathunna vazhikal orthal 
Aanandathin asru pozhingeedunne

Paapa kuzhiyil njan thanidathen
Paadham urappulla paramel nirthi
Paadan puthu geetham naavail thannu
Paadum stuthikal en Yeshuvinu

G              Am        G
Yeshuve rakshaka ange njan
     C               G        D
Snehikkum aayusin nalellam
      C                G
Nandhiyal paadidum

Ullam kalangidum velayilen
Ullil vanneshu chollidunnu
Thellum bhayam venda en makane 
Ella nalum njan koodeyundu

Ooro divasavum vendathellam 
Vendum pol naadhan nalkidunnu
Thinnu triptharayi theerna sesham 
Nandhiyal stothram padumennum

Dheham kshayichalum Yeshuve nin
Sneham ghoshikkum lokamengum
Kannman kothikkunne nin mukham njan
Kantha vegam nee vannidanne

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About Psalm 96:1

Psalm 96:1 endeavours to make singing a new song to the Lord a joyful experience. The guitar chords are easy and fairly accurate and, best of all, transposable. So go ahead and make a pleasant noise.

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