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Varunnu Naathaa Nin Sannidhiyil

A F#m Varunnu naathaa nin sannidhiyil Bm Purnnahridayathode E Ini ange aaraadhikkum (2) A Yeshu valiyavan C#7 F#m Athbhuthangal cheyyunnavan C#m D Angeppole aarumilla E D A Ange-ppol aarumilla (2) Sthuthichu paadidum mahima ninakku En karangaluyarthi Ini ange aaraadhikkum (2) Yeshu valiyavan Athbhuthangal cheyyunnavan Angeppole aarumilla Ange-ppol aarumilla (2)

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This song was updated on 22/10/2019.
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