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Yeshu en swantham Hallelujah

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
C                 F      C
Yeshu en swantham Hallelujah
           G   D         G
Ennude bhagyam chollikkooda
C              F        C
Pazhayathellam kazhinju poy
         Dm     G        C   
Kandalum sarvam - puthiyatham

C              F        C
Enikku paattum preshamsayum
         F G   D        G
Daiva kunjadum than kurishum
G7     C       F        C
Enikku paattum preshamsayum
         Dm    G           C
Daiva kunjadum -  than kurishum

Yeshu en swantham Hallelujah
Theernnu ennaanthyam neengi raavum
Iruttin paasham aruthu than
Jeeva prekasham kaanunnu njan

Yeshu en swantham Hallelujah
Ee sneha bandham nilkkum sadha
Maranatholam snehichu than
Nithyathayolam snehikkum njan

Yeshu en swantham Hallelujah
Ninte sambadhyam njan rakshaka
Nee en karthavum snehithanum
Jeeva dhathavum sakalavum 

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