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Athyunnathanam Daivathin Maravil

Lyrics/Music: Dr Ezhamkulam C Samkutty
G              C             G
Athyunnathanam Daivathin maravil
Sarva shakthan nizhalin keezhil
G               C        G
Kottayayavan sankethamayavan
     G           D          G
Than sannidhiyil vasikkunnu njan

     G           C
Njan aasreyikkum paara
G           C           
Rekshayin velicham
Njan aare pedikkum
Yeshu ente abhayam
G        C
G        C
Am                    G
Kai pidichu nadathunnenne

Paapa mruthyu shapa khora peedayal
Manamurukum marthya snehitha
Adhwanikkunnor bharam vahippor
Yeshuvinte paathe cheruka

Yudham kshama roga viplavadhikal
Bhoolokathe nadikkidunnu
Villodikkuvan vyadhi neekkuvan
Jayam varicheshu varunnu

Reksha neduvan moksham praapippan
Sathya margam anweshippore
Sathya vazhiyum vaathilumaya
Yeshu nadhan padham chumbikka

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