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Yeshuve Aradhyane

Lyrics/Music: Vijay Baisil, Denilo Dennis
Ab       Eb
Yeshuve aradhyane
Fm        Db
Kristuve aradhyane
Ab             Bbm
Kunjaade ennum yogyane
Eb     Db  Ab

Ab                Fm
Jeevante vazhiyum satyavum yeshu
Db              Eb
Ennikayi jeevan nalkiya idayan
Ab              Fm
En Jeevithathil samadhana prabhuvayi
      Bbm               Db  Ab
Ennum vaanidatte vaanidatte

Yeshuve aradhyane...

Kashtanashta shodhanayil patharathe
Nilpan parishudhathmavin abhishekam nalki
Marubhu prayaanathil thallarnuveenidathe
Megha thanallil swanthvanam eki

Yeshuve aradhyane...

Kurudan than nilavillikettu paran
Mudanthan than yaachana kettu nathan
Pakshapatha rogiyil manasalinjone
En amitamahathaya prathiphalam

Yeshuve aradhyane...

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