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Kelka Dootha Salswaram

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
G            D
Kelka dootha salswaram
G             D     G
Kristu jaatha ghoshanam
G               D
Bhoomau shanthi santhosham
D7          D  A7 D
Aameen paadinundayi
G           C      D
Ananthippin marthyare
G           C    D    
Yogamaye vaanadoothar
C     G    Am  E7 Am
Yeshu innu bhoojathan
D7   G     D   G
Ennu lokam arkunnu
C     G       Am E7 Am
Kelka dhootha salswaram
D7      G      D7    G
Kristhu jaatha ghoshanam

Vane dootharal ennum
Maanyanam ee kristheeshan
Paarthale kanyakayil
Moorthiyaayi janichu
Maanamaayi paaduveen
Klesham theerthu rakshikkum
Eeshanam immanuvel
Kelka dhootha salswaram
Kristhu jaatha ghoshanam

Yeshu loka mohitha
Vasamaaka chethassi
Vegam aeku nalvaram
Naga shakthi pokkuvan
Shapadosham theerthu nee
Vaazhka vaazhka maanase
Poornnamaaya vishwaasam
Daanam cheika sarvada
Kelka dhootha salswaram
Kristhu jaatha ghoshanam

Shalemin prabho vaazhka
Vaazhka neethi sooryane
Shobha jeevan nalkum thaan
Roga shaanthi sarvvarkkum
Maanamaake vittaho
Martya bhaagyam theduvaan
Mrutyuhaaram cheyyuvan
Jaathan aayi paaride
Kelka dhootha salswaram
Kristhu jaatha ghoshanam

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