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Ennu Meghe Vannidum

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
Ennu meghe vannidum 
Ente praana naayakaa
Ab                     Eb
Ninnekkaanmaan aashayerunne
Svarloka vaasamorkkumpol
Priyan chareyethumpol
Ab            Cm         Fm
Aanandam paramaanandam prabho

Loka veyiletathaal 
Thante kaanthayethrasundari
Kedaarya koodaarangale 
Solaman thirasheelakale
Vellunnathaam shobhayullaval

Shaaronile panineerppoo
Thaazhvarayin thaamara
Mullukalkkidayil vasikkum kaanthayo
Kodikalenthya sainyam pol
Soorya Chandra shobhapol
Mohiniyaam kaanthayecherppaan

Kanneerillaa naadathil
Shokamillaa veedathil
Ennu vannu cherthidum priyaa
Ninnekkaanmaan aarthiyaal
Paarthidunna kaanthaye
Cherthiduvaanenthu thaamasam

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