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Saari Srishti Ke Malik

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
G                C           G
Saari srishti ke malik tumhi ho
Saare srishti ke rakshak tum hi ho
Karte hei tujh ko saader pranaam
C                    G              
Gaate hey tere hi gungan

         C      D
Ha ha ha Halleluyah
         G      Em
Ha ha ha Halleluyah
         Am     D
Ha ha ha Halleluyah
Ha ha ha Halleluyah

Saari srishti ko tera sahara
Saare sankat se hamko bachaana
Tere haatho me jeevan hamaara hei
Apni raahon par hamko chalana

Ha ha ha Halleluyah...

Ham hen tere haathon ki rachana
Ham par rahe teri karuna
Tan, man, dhan, hamara tera hei
Inhe shaitan ko chhune na dena

Ha ha ha Halleluyah...

Ab door nahi hei kinara
Dheeraj ko hamaare badhaana
Jeevan ki hamaari is naiyya ko
Bhav sagar me khone na dena

Ha ha ha Halleluya...

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