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Jo Krush Pe Kurbaan Hai

Lyrics/Music: Unknown
Jo krush pe kurbaan hai
    Bb        F
Woh mera maseeha hai
    Dm         Bb
Har zakhm jo uska hai
    C           F
Woh mere gunaah ka hai
    C  Bb        F
Woh me-re gunaah ka hai

    F              Dm
Iss duniya mein le aaye
  F             Bb F
Mere hee gunaah usako
  C             F
Mere hee gunaah usako
    F           Bb
Yah zulmo sitam us par
   C           F
Maine hee karaaya hai

Jo krush pe kurbaan hai...

Insaan hai vo kaamil,
Aur sachcha khuda woh hai,
Woh pyaar ka dariya hai,
Sachchaee ka rasta hai
Sachchaee ka rasta hai

Jo krush pe kurbaan hai...

Dene ko mujhe jeevan,
Khud maut sahee usane,
Kya khoob hai kurbaanee,
Kya pyaar anokha hai
Kya pyaar anokha hai

Jo krush pe kurbaan hai...

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