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Thirunama Keerthanam Paaduvaan Allenkil

Lyrics/Music: Fr Michel Panachikkal, Fr Thaddeus Aravindath
D                    A         D
Thirunama keerthanam paaduvaan allenkil 
Bm      A       D      A
navenikkenthinu Naadha
D                 G     A
Apadhanam eppolum aalapichillenkil
F#       G        D
Adharangalenthinu Naadha
   A         F#m     D      Bb
Ee jeevitham enthinu Naadha

D                         Bm
Pulariyil bhoopalam paadiyunarthunna
G       A         D
Kilikalodonnu chernnaarthu paadaam (2)
G                    D         A
Puzhayude sangeetham chirakettiyethunna
E             A           D       Bb
Kulir kaattil alinju njan paadaam (2)

Thirunama keerthanam...

Akale aakashathu viriyunna thaara than
Mizhikalil nokki njan uyarnnu paadaam (2)
Vaana meghangalil oduvil neeyethumbol
Malakhamaarothu paadaam (2)

Thirunama keerthanam...

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