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Israyelin Naadhanaayi

Lyrics/Music: Baby John Kalayanthany, Peter Cheranalloor
Fm                               C
Israyelin naadhanaayi vaazhumeka daivam
Satyajeeva maarggamaanu daivam
Fm                                   C
Marthyanaayi bhoomiyil pirannu sneha daivam
Nithya jeevanekidunnu daivam

Fm            Bbm      Eb
Abba pithaave daivame
Aviduthe raajyam varename
Fm               Db        Eb
Ange thiruhitham bhoomiyil
Ennennum niraveridename (2)

Israyelin naadhanaayi...

Chenkadalil nee annu paatha thelichoo
Maruvil marthyarkku manna pozhichoo
Eriveyilil megha thanalaayi
Fm           Db
Irulil sneha naalamaay
Fm               Eb
Seeenaay maamala mukalil nee 
Db                 Fm
Neethipramaanangal pakarnneki

Abba pithaave daivame...

Israyelin naadhanaayi...

Manujanaay bhoomiyil avatharichoo
Mahiyil jeevan bali kazhichoo
Thiru ninavum divya bhojyavumaay
Ee ulakathin jeevanaay
Vazhiyum satyavumaayavane
Nin thirunaamam vaazhthunnu

Abba pithaave daivame...

Israyelin naadhanaayi...

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